SCMaglev and Railway Park

About 18 minutes by car from Tokai City Hotel.
Everyone has ridden on the railway at least once.
You can experience the incredible sight of 39 actual trains,
from standard line trains to superconducting Maglev ones, with a focus on bullet train.
Many events are run, such as having your photo taken in the driver’s seat.
Here, both adults and children can have fun all day long.

Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

About 21 minutes by car from Tokai City Hotel.
The events held in the Japan’s-largest main pool are incredibly impressive! Sure to impress, no matter how many times you see them.
Right next door to both Sea Train Land and the Antarctic Research Ship Fuji, this leasure spot offers more than you can see in one day.

Tokoname Cera Mall

About 28 minutes by car from Tokai City Hotel.

Japan’s largest ceramics shopping mall, located in Tokoname city. Though Tokoname ceramics are often associated with teapots, a rich variety of housewares are on offer here.
Hands-on experiences are also on offer, so why not try making an exclusive piece of Tokoname pottery? The range of products on offer is periodically refreshed, so you can enjoy shopping here no matter how many times you visit.

Nabana no Sato

About 32 minutes by car from Tokai City Hotel.

A highly popular spot for enjoying a view of beautiful flowers. The Hana Hiroba area, Japan’s largest flower plot, offers a wide variety of flowers depending on the season.
Japan’s largest illumination display, held every winter, comes highly recommended! An on-site foot bath is also available to heal your fatigue.

Chita Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage Sites

The 84th site, Zuiunzan Gennyuji temple, is about an 8 minute walk from Tokai City Hotel.